Are you interested in a completely remote position where you are in full charge of your income potential? 


Are you a recruitment company that would like to combine resources and get some more work?


Are you an independent recruiter that needs more listings? 


Our network of Independent Contractors consists of everyone from part time recruiters, seasoned professionals seeking extra income, to full-time recruiters. 


You are in full control of your schedule, your hours and your vacation. There are no meetings unless you choose so. 


It can go faster (or slower) depending on your dedication, as well as if you already know suitable candidates, have matched candidates to aspired jobs, which type of job it is, what kind and the number of technical interviews required, and how fast the client needs the candidate. For these reasons, we do not initially recommend this independent contractor position to be your sole source of income. 


Our contractors can be working for other firms. You could also be maximizing Facebook and LinkedIn to find candidates suitable to our clients' needs. You are free to use any legal methods for candidate sourcing. 


If you are interested in more information please contact our Global Sourcing Representative.

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